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Welcome to the Compass Toolbox! Your one-stop for Compass support and materials. Check back often to make sure you have the latest information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Job Aids Help Desk Contacts & Technical Support Forms

IMPORTANT NOTE: Forms are available in editable PDF format and may be completed with:

  • Adobe Pro: allows electronic saving and submitting of completed form.
  • Adobe Reader: allows printing of completed form (does not permit an electronically saved copy of completed form).


Your desktop may be installed with Preview (a free image and PDF viewer). Although Preview can open and save PDF forms, the saved PDF form - when reopened in Adobe - will appear as if it has blank or missing form details. If you must use Preview, then please save your form first; and then use the standard "Print to PDF" option in the print dialog box to create a PDF with Adobe-compatible form details.